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How long are the training programmes, and what is the time commitment?
Our training programmes vary in duration, typically spanning from a few weeks to several months. Time commitments can range from a few hours per week to full-time immersion. We're open to customising learning experiences based on your organisation's needs, ensuring flexibility and alignment with your schedule and objectives.
Can I receive certification upon completion of the courses?
Our programmes are adaptable to the needs of organisations, and we offer official certifications from recognised domains for select programmes. Upon successfully completing our courses, learners receive certifications accredited by Regenesys Corporate Education. These certifications authenticate your expertise and proficiency, bolstering your qualifications and marketability within the tech sector.
What kind of support or resources do you provide to learners during the programme?
We offer comprehensive assistance and resources to learners every step of the way.
Are there any prerequisites for specific courses or programmes?
While certain courses may require prerequisites, the majority are tailored to accommodate individuals with varying backgrounds and skill levels. Our team customises the course content based on the expertise of the audience.

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