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Find answers to commonly asked questions about Generative AI & its impact on employees & employers

What skills do employees need to work effectively with generative AI?
Employees will need to understand generative AI's capabilities and limitations, how to interpret its outputs, and how to collaborate effectively with this technology.
How can companies train employees on generative AI?
Training programmes can focus on specific AI tools being used, general AI literacy, and fostering a culture of human-AI collaboration.
Will generative AI replace the need for human training altogether?
Generative AI can personalise learning experiences and automate some training modules, but human trainers will likely remain crucial for mentorship, guidance, and complex skill development.
How can companies identify the best generative AI tools for their needs?
Companies need to assess their specific needs and workflows to choose AI tools that offer the most value and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.
What are the ethical considerations for using generative AI in the workplace?
Companies need to develop guidelines for responsible AI use, addressing bias, data privacy, and transparency in AI-driven decisions.
How can companies measure the success of their generative AI implementation?
Tracking metrics like efficiency gains, employee feedback, and improved decision-making can help assess the impact of generative AI.

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