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Is your career stagnating? Do you need a deeper understanding of the functions in a business? Do you want to create more impact? And you do not have the time for an MBA?

The Regenesys PDBM can re-energise your career. Your current work and managerial experience will help you build a solid theoretical foundation along with practical knowledge through assignments and projects. You will enhance your business and managerial skills and set yourself up for the c-suite.  A PDBM is also an excellent grounding for an entrepreneurial career.

Regenesys Business School PDBM graduates are highly regarded in the market place. They have the benefit of learning from the top, world-class teaching faculty. Regenesys has over 20 years’ experience providing quality business education to leaders around the world.

Regenesys holds steadfastly to its founding principle of making the world a better place through the education of better leaders. The sensitive emphasis on ethics, personal purpose, spiritual and emotional intelligence are what sets the Regenesys approach apart from other similar institutions.

Regenesys Business School is accredited by the Council on Higher Education, the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa (DHET) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This means that your qualification is accepted around the world.

Regenesys is a global leader in online learning. PDBM students have unlimited access tofifth-generation interactive learning material with videos, pop up notes, multiple-choice questions with immediate feedback, as well as digital publications.

Registration brings to access to accredited journals and libraries via EBSCO and Emerald. Students submit their assignments online. The sophisticated student management portal takes care of student queries and tutor assistance. Classes are live-streamed, that means you interact in real-time with your lecturer via private messaging or on the group chat.

Regenesys PDBM students are invited to attend all Regenesys events. You will have the opportunity to meet and to interact with top global business leaders – digitally or in person – at no cost.

The Regenesys PDBM is unique, and it emphasises on emotional and spiritual intelligence. When you graduate you will have deep insights into how you relate to others and you will clarify your personal purpose for your life. For some people, this can be life-changing.

As a PDBM student, you will have immediate access to the Regenesys Alumni Network of over 200,000 graduates. This is a phenomenally powerful network for career advancement, solving a business problem or getting access to decision makers.

Are you a business enthusiast, entrepreneur, senior manager or a mid-level manager?

Then the Regenesys PDBM is for you.

A PDBM is a great stepping stone to that next stage in your career. It is short, sharp, and focused; and you will gain insights that you can apply immediately. You will be more confident, and you will make a better contribution.

The PDBM is also an excellent transition to an MBA. A Regenesys PDBM qualification will put you at the front of the queue. Your employer or future employer will know that you are committed to making a contribution.

Career opportunities and rewards will open up for you. Your PDBM will give you a vast amount of knowledge and information. You will also demonstrate that you are able to work extremely hard and persevere.

These qualities are particularly sought after by top organisations. Your PDBM will put you ahead of the rest. Recruitment agencies love Regenesys graduates. They know their worth and they are quickly able to make favourable placements.

The Regenesys PDBM will set you up for that first big job, that next big promotion, or open up an exciting new position with another organisation. Also, you may decide to start out on your own entrepreneurial journey. Whatever your purpose in life, the Regenesys PDBM help you fulfil it.

  • Bachelor’s degree/advanced / diploma (NQF level 7).

“I have developed more interest in the strategy of my organisation. I am approaching my work as a project with milestones to be achieved on a daily basis. I have become more attentive to other’s emotions and understanding my own as well which helps me approach my work with a positive attitude.” — Phindiwe Nkosi

The course came at the right time when I have been in management for just over 3 years. So, it enabled and structured my thinking on certain topics, assisted me in thinking about the bigger picture, and to know how my actions/department affects other parts of the business. It was interesting to learn about other departments like HR, project management, to say the least, where I did not have extensive knowledge.” — Sylvester Tsotetsi

The programme is a stepping stone towards an MBA – the crown jewel of business management education. It develops general management skills while preparing the middle-level manager who is conscious of business for employment and growth in senior management positions.


Regenesys Foundation and MyWealth Investments have established theEducationForAll initiative which enables students wishing to study abroad at one of our campuses to enrol for anominal fee and pursue their dreams abroad.

This initiative has been launched on mutual trust and with a noble vision and enables students to learn at our premier Business School, earn their foreign degree and then pay back the balanceof the programme fee when they are now working.

Immersion Content: Our Online PDBM programme extends beyond the virtual world, enabling students to get international exposure through our integrated immersion module.

The immersion module is a part of the curriculum, wherein the students get to attend a master classes, visit different companies and enjoy sightseeing abroad. This two-week travel comprising a week in Dubai and another in South Africa gives them an opportunity to network, interact, and experience cultural diversity.

PDBM in South Africa

PDBM programme contact learning delivery at Johannesburg, South Africa campus

One year programme

Course Fees:

5 Lakhs tuition fees

10 Lakhs (All -inclusive)

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