An MBA abroad paves the way to a future-fit career. As the leading MBA provider, Regenesys has created a globally-fit MBA programme.

We offer graduates job placement opportunities, helping them land jobs at the biggest multi-national corporates across India, Dubai, and South Africa. Our 2-year Global MBA programme offered at the Sandton, South Africa campus acts as a gateway to a world of global opportunities for our students. With an alumni network of 200,000-plus students, Regenians work in top managerial roles.

A Sturdy Focus on Leadership and Other Skills

Our Global MBA programme is deeply rooted in fundamental leadership and management skills. The Global MBA not only helps students make wiser decisions in the corporate world, but also teaches how to tackle business challenges with ease.

Become Future Ready

With our Global MBA, we aim to create astute business leaders and help candidates to become future-ready so that they excel in their fields. This means that apart from learning throughout the programme, the students will interact and work with seniors on corporate issues as well.

Engage With a Diverse Student Community

Regenesys has a diverse network of students from across the globe. Candidates who join the Global MBA programme will have an enhanced experience interacting with peers from different backgrounds, which will improve their interpersonal skills.

Get Trained by Renowned Mentors

Our Global MBA programme is aimed at making our students a better prospect in every way. Thus, we have qualified and well-trained mentors under our roof, who will create a rich learning experience for each and everyone.

The Regenesys MBA is the quintessential passport to the leadership and management skills required to manage a business, government, and non-profit organizations, or to start your own business. An MBA remains one of the best pathways to enhancing your career.

The programme explores the key generic management areas of strategy, HR, leadership, finance, marketing, IT, operations, innovation, economics and research.

The following areas of specialisation/electives are offered: International Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Organisational Development, Corporate Governance, and Mentoring and Coaching.

This course is delivered by Regenesys Business School, South Africa and accredited by the Council on Higher Education, the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa (DHET), and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). It has full international accreditation.

The world is a global village and employers look for professionals who have international exposure. The Regenesys MBA degree will give you the much-needed edge and help you emerge victoriously in the cut-throat professional world.

The bulk of the programmes are delivered online. At the end of the third year, graduates attend an intensive immersion course in South Africa and stay on for the formal graduation ceremony.

Regenesys has over 20 years of experience providing quality business education to leaders around the world. Regenesys holds steadfastly to its founding principle of making the world a better place through the education of better leaders.

The sensitive emphasis on ethics, personal purpose, spiritual and emotional intelligence is what sets the Regenesys approach apart from other similar institutions.

Regenesys is a global leader in online learning. MBA students have unlimited access to fifth-generation interactive learning materials with videos, pop-up notes, multiple-choice questions with immediate feedback, as well as digital publications.

Registration brings access to accredited journals and libraries via EBSCO and Emerald. Students submit their assignments online. The sophisticated student management portal takes care of students’ queries and tutor assistance. Classes are live-streamed, which means you interact in real-time with your lecturer via private messaging or on group chat.

Regenesys Business School is located in Sandton, Johannesburg, in the heart of the premier business district in Africa. Our campus is a short walk away from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and is nestled between the corporate offices of local and international businesses.

The Gautrain underground station is a seven-minute walk away. The nearby Nelson Mandela Square is ringed by high-end shops and urban amenities and five-star hotels. Close by are some of the top South African investment banks, financial and legal consultancies, and one of the biggest convention centres on the African continent. Regenesys is right on the pulse of African and international businesses.

Are you a business enthusiast, entrepreneur, senior manager or a mid-level manager?

Then the Regenesys MBA is for you.

By achieving an MBA, you not only master a vast amount of knowledge and information, but you also demonstrate that you are able to work extremely hard and persevere. These qualities are particularly sought after by top organizations.

Your MBA will put you ahead of the rest. Recruitment agencies love the Regenesys MBA. They know its worth and they are quickly able to make favourable placements. The Regenesys MBA will set you up for the next big promotion, or open up an exciting new position with another organisation.

Also, you may decide to start your own entrepreneurial journey. Whatever your purpose in life, the Regenesys MBA will help you get there.

The Regenesys Global MBA offers superb value for money. The learning experience is at par excellence with the US and European business schools. The South African Rand–Indian Rupee exchange rates means that the course is a fraction of the equivalent cost for Indian students.

Applicants are required to possess a relevant onours degree, postgraduate diploma or a cognate (professional) bachelor’s degree at an NQF level 8 from an accredited institution as per the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework.

“I’m currently in senior management and I’m able to apply the knowledge I learned when running my teams. I have to apply a lot of emotional intelligence in decision making and the degree assists me in making those tough decisions.” – Mangalani Neduvhuledza

“I am currentlya Senior Business Analyst. I use the attained skills to develop strategies and plans to resolve business challenges and to offer management advisory. I help identify business opportunities, risks, and planning projects. I’m now looking forward to exploring the management consulting space with confidence due to the knowledge and the exposure that I have gained in these past two years.” – Andiswa Ngqongwa


The programme explores key generic management areas of strategy, HR, leadership, finance, marketing, IT, operations, innovation, economics and research.

The following areas of specialisation/electives are offered: International Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Organisational Development, Corporate Governance, Mentoring and Coaching.

The programme is designed to assist learners to solveintricate business problems ethically and sustainably by making informed decisions with the use of information and data innovatively and scientifically. This programme empowers learners to communicate with specialist and non-specialist audiences.

From an organisational perspective, the MBA degree is a powerful tool, equipping executives with an advanced understanding and knowledge of the strategic interrelationship between the organisation’s internal and external environments, as it responds to continual changes and emerging trends.

The MBA promotes independent thinking, self-direction and autonomous behaviour in planning and implementing solutions for organisations.

The Regenesys Online MBA programme extends beyond the virtual world, giving our students the opportunity for international exposure through our integrated immersion module.

The immersion module is part of the curriculum, wherein the students get to attend a master class, visit different companies and enjoy sightseeing. This two-week travel comprising a week in Dubai and another in South Africa gives them an opportunity to network, interact and experience cultural diversity.

Mode of Delivery: lectures are delivered live online. Recorded sessions are available

Programme Fees :

9 lakhs (Global MBA Online with Immersions)

10 lakhs (Global MBA Online with Immersions and Digital Courses)

The Regenesys Global MBA abroad for Indian students is for those willing to make a notable difference in their career. The eligibility criteria for the global MBA programme required by us are pretty simple.

All candidates with a minimum of 60% and a GMAT score of 500 and above can apply for our international MBA abroad programmes. Having the desired GMAT/RMAT score, the candidate will have to go through a round of personal interview.

Entry Requirements

  • 60% minimum
  • GMAT/RMAT score of 500
  • Personal interview score

Career Prospects

The sea of opportunitiesprovided by the MBA abroad for Indian students is endless. Regenesys not only focuses on building your career brick by brick, but also helps you develop multiple skills during the Global MBA programme.

This becomes like the foundation of your career ahead and helps you secure roles in c-suite, management consulting, and general management.

The Regenesys Global MBA programme holds an impressive record to date due to the enormous range of placement opportunities securedwith companies such as HADWISE Technologies, Intel, Coca-Cola, NBC, MTN, Vodafone, and Barclays. Our placement record is 100%.

  • Duration: 2 Years
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