Leadership Skill for new manager

This programme is about navigating the space middle leaders find themselves in and the channel between senior leaders and employees. The middle leader needs to find their True North (your purpose and values) and use it as a reference as they lead upwards, downwards, transversally while they step into various roles.

This programme will help middle leaders navigate their way to success as they understand business functions and the end-to-end value chain in detail. The high-performance mindset required to lead teams into the future is the key focus of the middle leader development programme.

It will allow the emerging leader to harness their personal power, to make decisions in the context of their environment, and enhance their leadership effectiveness.

Navigating the Middle Management Compass Points

The shift from the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the Fifth Industrial Revolution has been accelerated by the ovid-19 global pandemic. This has amplified the need for leaders to upskill to be able to lead teams differently.

This course will prepare middle-level leaders to boldly navigate and lead with confidence: upwards, downwards and in all the demanding roles required of a middle leader.

The importance of harnessing your True North as a middle leader is relevant, as the demands on you have increased in a complex way. You will learn how to lead purposefully as well as foster the key business skills to become a high-performance leader.

Course Fees

  • Online (virtual): Rs. 1,57,600 plus GST
  • Contact (in-person): Rs. 2,37, 500 plus GST
  • 80 hours of virtual classroom learning over 5 months. The 80 hours are divided up over 2-hour virtual classroom sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • ID : Leadership Development Programme

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