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1603, 2016

How to convince your parent for abroad MBA?

By |March 16th, 2016|Categories: University News|

You are about to finish your bachelor's degree and want to pursue higher education. But there is a twist in the tale. The higher degree you want to opt for is not in your native country but abroad. Yes, you want to study abroad but are not sure how your parents will react to this. Well, to save you from this commotion, there is only one way [...]

1503, 2016

Why international MBA require to accelerate your career?

By |March 15th, 2016|Categories: University News|

We know it’s overwhelming to steer your career in the right direction. And that too at the cost of putting the regular life on hold! And when the opportunity to study the discipline is accompanied by chance to move abroad, then it becomes far more difficult. International MBA has many prospects in its core for young students. The discipline not only provides students with an opportunity like never before [...]

1503, 2016

Should you head overseas and earn your MBA abroad in 2021?

By |March 15th, 2016|Categories: University News|

Is MBA your next career step? Then you must have gone through the process of exploring the options and been torn between them. While an MBA program can provide you with better opportunities and a lucrative career, deciding on a well-regarded university and the location that can meet your career goals is imperative. With plenty of options sitting around us, study abroad can actually be a choice and an [...]




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