This course focuses on the essential skills required of leaders in times of disruption and change. Covid-19 has challenged our readiness and ability to actively deal with disruption in the workplace overnight. This disruption has questioned our ability to stay calm, change focus, shift perspective and re-evaluate our leadership style to remain credible and relevant in this next world.

It’s not ‘business or life as usual’ anymore.

The 5IR is about humanity and trust. As Davos 2019, Forbes, MIT and Tata introduced the theme ‘Blockchain + AI + Human = Magic, Covid-19 has changed the way we live, connect, work and lead. We are at a tipping point. We either lead ourselves and others toward the magic of the opportunity presented by the 5IR or we become trapped in our current D-VUCAD context.

This learning experience will prepare you to celebrate the uncertain future without fear, to expand your skills, challenge your current leadership capabilities and practice your humanness more freely, and to excel as a “next world leader”.

The programme is grounded in NeuroDesign, which offers participants the opportunity to optimise their brain-body system and develop a growth mindset required to lead and perform in this next world. The programme provides a challenging and experiential opportunity to self-review and self-develop the practical skills required to lead through this complexity.

Mind shift through transformational learning ultimately transforms our thinking to respond and behave in a proactive and less reactive way. Practical skills are explored for easy implementation in virtual teams in order to build the necessary capabilities and terms of engagement for this next world of work.

The world needs a 5th Industrial Revolution to flower like a new Renaissance Age. It will be marked by unprecedented creativity and a sense of shared common purpose as we work together to bend progress and profits toward purpose and inclusivity.

Course Fees

Online (virtual): Rs. 1,33,600 plus GST 

As a registered student in the Business School, you will gain access to our interactive online portal where you will learn and enhance new digital skills that are required to stay relevant in today’s tech-driven world.

  • Duration: 42 Hours of virtual learning. These are broken up into 2-hour sessions daily for a week at a time for 7 weeks (over the 5 months)
  • ID: 5IR – Leading the Human Element of Technology

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